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About the project

Pon Business Mobility, formerly known as Fleetwise , was founded in May 2018. Pon Business Mobility is part of Pon’s Automobiel Handel (Automobile Trade), which in turn is part of Pon Holdings, the importer of (amongst others) Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA in the Netherlands.


The main business and marketing objective were to build brand awareness for Pon Business Mobility and to at least double the numbers of organic sessions and visitors of the website within a year.

Approach & Strategy

Prioritized the most promising themes from our keyword analysis for content creation;

Provided content guidelines and structured templates to ensure SEO friendliness and relevance;

Made the content creation agency rewrite the content for other Pon Business units so those units could provide backlinks to the new platform to create more online authority;

Guided the content creation agency to limit the use of tags and suggested a tagging policy that ensured maximum thematic relevance;

Created a link structure that made visitors stay engaged on the site longer, making them click through to related content;

Made maximum use of existing and newly created content,
such as downloadable whitepapers on electric driving and
mobility budget by distributing this content through several
channels, such as SEA and Social media. Whitepaper
downloaders could be retargeted with a mobility



Organic sessions


Web visitors



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