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Are you looking to expand your business abroad? Cross border activeness might be a window of opportunity to develop and thrive. However, a good translation is not enough to successfully enter a new market. It is equally important to fully understand a country’s characteristics, be aware of cultural differences, and have unique customer insights. With Dall’s International Marketing Package, diving into international waters will be a smooth and successful journey. You will be guided through the whole process from consultancy and strategy to the organizational and operational parts. Read more about what we can do for you:

International Digital Strategy

Strategic Advice

Strategic consulting

Are you ready to expand your business but not sure where to start? Let’s begin with a discussion to find the best solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We will then provide you with a thorough analysis of your website and different markets’ business potential. Finally, we will help you to select the right markets for your goods or services.

Market scan

Market scan

If you have already chosen the market that you would like to enter, this offer is for you! You will receive a comprehensive report dedicated to the selected target market and industry branch. It will include detailed information about important legal aspects, a yearly cycle, habits, and behavioral characteristics of your customers, and how to gain their loyalty. We will also explain who your competitors are and how you can beat them. With our recommendations and in-depth strategy plan, you will be ready to take over a new area! 

International SEO

International SEO

Our specialists will take a closer look at the condition of your domain and its adaptation to the local market including analyzing website visibility, examining content duplication, website structure, and much more. We are committed to delivering top-quality content tailored to target users’ language and behaviors and helping them to engage with your brand.

Keyword research

Keyword research

Keywords are a crucial element of websites’ structure and content. When effectively researched and optimized, they function as a channel that connects your target audience with your website. When managing an international project, focusing exclusively on content translation may lead to poor performance of your campaign. What you can expect from us is an in-depth analysis backed up by an understanding of the target audience, their habits and intents, and language subtleties that will yield much better results.

Paid Search International

Expand your marketing efforts across borders by making use of Paid Advertising. Let us assist you with precise budget allocation and choosing the right marketing channels and account structure for the region, while also regarding localization and your unique concerns. In Dall, we prepare a detailed campaign implementation plan but also manage your pay-per-click campaign to drive traffic from your target audience in the chosen market.

Social Media Ads International

Social media advertising can be a great and effective way to reach new audiences, wherever they are located. Moreover, it can increase brand awareness, boost sales and drive website traffic. We help brands to expand internationally using the best solutions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Their popularity and targeting options they provide make promoting your brand internationally and acquiring new customers easier than ever.

Complementary services:

Social media

How does it work?

About you:

You are an Italian e-commerce company looking for expanding your business to the German, Polish and Dutch markets. You contact Dall via the contact form on the website or through one of Dall’s members.

Step 1/5
Request for information
A Dall representative will talk to you to obtain a set of information necessary to prepare the offer.
Step 2/5
Preparation of a tailor-made offer
Dall’s internal discussion and deliberation aimed to assign a leading agency that will manage the project, provide assistance in relevant countries and set the best strategy for your company.
Step 3/5
Sending an offer
Responding to your feedback and start of cooperation.
Step 4/5
Kick-off meeting
A series of meetings with you conducted by the leading agency for the project aimed to establish KPIs and the overall strategy.
Step 5/5
Launching and monitoring the campaign
Once we set all details, objectives, action plan regarding the campaign, we are ready to start! Monitoring your campaigns is an important step for us. It allows us to keep track and react on an ongoing basis and improve the performance, in turn.

Benefits for you:

Run an international campaign without having to deal with numerous agencies from different countries. For your convenience and efficiency, there is one leading agency that manages communication between you and other partners.
You can be assured that your campaign will be of the highest quality. All Dall partners have unique, local knowledge of their markets, consumer behavior, language nuances and competitors. You can always count on our unique expertise.
Working with us means that all your marketing activities are in the hands of experienced, award-winning, top-notch Google Premier Partner agencies.
As an alliance, we have access to a vast range of tools and technologies that will fit your business needs. We are always eager to learn, create and discover new opportunities.

Work with us and become part of this unique international family!