What does this document contain?

Information about the protection of your personal data, including your rights

The policy is divided into three parts:

  1. explanation of concepts used in the Policy, information about our contact data and your rights;
  2. detailed information about the processing of your personal data; information is given separately in respect of each form that you can fill in on our website,
  3. information about cookie files.

Part I – General provisions

§ 1


  1. Your personal data is controlled by Digital Alliance International with its registered office in Østergade 46E, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark. Further in this Privacy Policy, we refer to ourselves in the first person or as the ‘Controller’.
  2. Our registration files are kept by the Danish Business Authority, under reference number: 38867008. Our files contain the most important information about us, e.g. financial statements or the articles of association of our company.
  3. You can contact us:
    1. by post: Østergade 46E, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark,
    2. by e-mail:
    3. by phone:  +45 71990011

§ 2

Definitions used in the Privacy Policy

If you notice any of the following terms written with a capital letter, they should be interpreted in accordance with the following definitions: 

  1. ‘Website’ – the website at and its subpages, 
  2. ‘Policy’ – this document, namely the privacy policy you’re reading now,
  3. ‘GDPR’ – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. The text of GDPR can be found here.

§ 3

Protection of personal data

  1. We will process personal data that you enter on the Website or that we collect about you while you use the Website in accordance with the GDPR, as the data Controller.
  2. We apply the technical measures required by data protection regulations to prevent unauthorised persons from collecting and modifying personal data sent electronically, i.e. within the framework of our Website.

§ 4

Your rights with regards to personal data

  1. We process your personal data, and therefore:
  1. you have the right to access your personal data, 
  2. you have the right to rectify your data,
  3. you have the right to demand the erasure of your personal data where enabled by the GDPR,
  4. you have the right to restrict the processing of your data, to the extent specified in GDPR.
  1. The second part of the Policy contains information about your additional rights, as you will have additional options when filling in certain forms.
  2. Do you want to exercise your rights or learn more about them? Contact us. Our contact data can be found in § 1 subsection 3 of the Policy.

§ 5

Right to object

  1. After you provide us with your personal data, you may exercise your right to object. You have the right to object in two situations, where we process your personal data:
  1. for the purposes of direct marketing – no justification is needed for such an objection;
  2. based on our other legitimate interest; objection in this case requires justification based on your particular situation. You need to inform us why we should not process your personal data.
  3. Do you want to exercise your right to object? Contact us. Our contact data can be found in § 1 subsection 3 of the Policy.

§ 6

Complaint to a supervisory authority

If you believe that we are processing your personal data contrary to regulations, you may submit a complaint to a supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in Slovakia is the President of the Personal Data Protection Office. Here’s the link to the authority’s website.

§ 7

Questions concerning the Policy and its location

  1. If you have any questions concerning the Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  2. The Policy can be found at and in our head office.

Part II – information concerning the processing of your personal data in individual forms and when contacting us

§ 8

Contacting us via the contact form, e-mail or phone number

If you are using these functions of our Website, take note of the following issues:

  1. Why do we need your data, why do we process it?
  1. To answer your question and to resolve your issue. 
  2. On the basis of your additional consent, for marketing purposes consisting in the transmission of offers of services provided by us – by means of messages sent to your e-mail address or telephone number, as well as by analysing whether you read the offers sent to you and to what extent.
  1. What are your rights?

You can find them in § 4 and 5 of the Policy.

  1. Are you required to provide us with your data?

Providing your data is voluntary. However, if you do not provide your contact data, we may not be able to resolve your issue or answer your question.

  1. What is the legal basis for our processing of your data? 
  1. Article 6(1f) of GDPR, namely our legitimate interest. 
  2. If you consent to the sending of an offer by us or by our partner, the processing will also be based on The Data Protection Act 
  3. Remember that you can always withdraw your consent. If you want to do this, please contact us.
  1. What is our legitimate interest?

To resolve your issue, answer your message and analyse whether you read our offers and to what extent.

  1. Who will we provide with your data? 
  1. Entities providing us with hosting services in respect of the Website or personal data. 
  2. Suppliers of marketing tools.
  3. Suppliers of services related to the preparation of an offer – in terms of inquiries about our offer.
  4. Couriers, the postal service.
  1. How long will we process your data? 

We will process your data: 

  1. for the time required to resolve your issue. Depending on the type of the issue, we may also process your data for the period required to demonstrate that we did resolve your issue, i.e. until any potential related claims become statute-barred;
  2. for the duration of our marketing activities or until you object to further processing for marketing purposes or withdraw your consent to send a message to your e-mail address or telephone number. Your withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing prior to your withdrawal of consent.
  1. Will your personal data be transferred outside the European Economic Area?

Yes. Your data will be transferred to the United States based on the Commission Implementing Decision dated 12/07/2016, introducing the Privacy Shield. Data will be transferred to entities certified under the above decision, which obligates them to duly secure the personal data. 

Part III – information on cookies

§ 10

What are cookies and why do we use them

  1. Our Website uses cookies, small text files kept on your end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies may be read by the Website. Want to know more about cookies? Check this Wikipedia article.
  2. We keep cookies on your computer, telephone or tablet and access information stored in therein for the following purposes:
    1. Website configuration and ensuring its full functionality, by:
      1. adjusting the content of the Website pages to your preferences and optimizing the use of the Website pages. In particular, these files allow you to recognize the basic parameters of your User device and properly display the website, tailored to your individual needs;
      2. proper servicing of the affiliate program, enabling in particular verification of the sources of redirecting Users to the Website;
      3. remembering the settings and personalisation of the interface you have chosen, e.g. the language or region you are from, the font size, the look of the website, etc;
      4. remembering the history of visited pages on the Website in order to recommend the content;
    2. marketing, involving the collection of information about your activities on the Website; we use this information to adjust the content of the Website to your interests and needs, e.g. by generating personalised content for you; we also adjust advertisements displayed on other websites based on what you looked at on our Website, e.g. we may display an advertisement on an information service with the promotion of the service you have seen on our Website;
    3. authenticating you on the Website by:
      1. ensuring correct configuration of selected functions of the Website, enabling in particular verification of the authenticity of the browser session;
      2. optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the services we provide as the Website manager;
    4. analysing, researching and audience auditing, by creating anonymous statistics that help us understand how you use the Website, enabling us to improve the structure and content of the Website;
    5. ensuring security and reliability of the Website.

§ 11

Types of cookies

Several types of cookies are used on the Website:

  1. session cookies, which stay in your browser’s cache until you close it,
  2. permanent cookies, which stay in your browser’s cache until you delete them,
  3. external cookies that originate in the suppliers of analytics tools used on our Website.

§ 12

How to delete cookies

  1. You can configure your browser so as to prevent it from storing cookies on your computer, telephone or tablet.
  2. You can delete cookies after they are saved by the Website. To do so, you may use the suitable function of your browser, software made specially for this purpose or suitable tools available as part of your operating system.
  3. Methods of deleting cookies using the most popular browsers can be found at the below links:

§ 13

Effects of changing browser settings on using the Website

Changing your browser settings so as to prevent or restrict the storage of cookies may limit the functionality of the Website. Deleting cookies while using the service may lead to similar effects. This means that some of our services will not be available without cookies, e.g. you will not be able to use the contact form or send us your application for a job.

§ 14

External cookies

  1. Cookies stored on your computer, telephone or tablet may originate with other service providers.
  2. We use the services of:
    1. Google Analytics, provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland),
    2. Hotjar Limited (Level 2, St Julians Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street ,St Julians STJ 1000, Malta) – for the purpose of traffic analytics at the Website. On its basis, we obtain statistics showing how you and other users use the Website,
    3. [cookie manager: Twitter Inc., One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 AX07, Ireland],
    4. [cookie manager: Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland]
    5. [cookie manager: LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Gardner Place, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin, Ireland]

You can block the operation of Google Analytics. To do so, install this browser plugin provided by Google Inc., available here: