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About the project


Wittchen is a brand with over twenty years’ tradition, offering exclusive leather goods including handbags, leather clothing and suitcases. The brand is well-recognizable in Poland owing to their top quality of products and the excellent service they provide.

Target audience

The target group includes primarily aspiring women at the age 25-34, looking for good quality products in reachable prices. More mature women, from the group aged 35-45 expect high standards first. Then, there are also people of both sex, planning trips abroad and looking for classy and durable accessories. The abovementioned groups could be further expanded to people interested in fashionable gifts for their partners and relatives.

Increase in on-brand organic traffic from 1,5 mln to 2 mln (2019 vs 2018)

Increase in on-brand organic traffic on blog section by at least 100% Y2Y

Increase by 60% in revenue from blog posts

Maintaining the upward trend in organic traffic and revenue in most crucial product categories (women’s handbags, wallets and luggage)

Providing users with valuable content at all stages of the customer journey, and thus participating in revenue increase

Maximizing the revenue from blog content thanks to Blueranks inhouse NLP reWrite tool


Data Driven Search Strategy

After the first year of successful cooperation between Bluerank and Wittchen in 2018, resulting in 35% increase in non-brand organic traffic we decided to set new, even more ambitious goals.

Having reached high rankings already, we needed to upgrade our tactics and resort to more advanced techniques in 2019 and 2020. We based the entire strategy on the Customer Jurney model created by Avinash Kaushik (SEE, THINK, DO, CARE).

Through in-deep data analysis, we understood the customer’s online behaviour even better and managed to effectively adapt the strategy to every step of the customer journey.

Customer journey

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Blog posts

Our in-house built reWrite tool scrapes customizable content parameters from clients website and merges them with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Ahrefs data to enable an indepth, business-oriented analysis. Thanks to that, we can answer important questions, such as:

  • What article length is best for building engagement?
  • What content type drives the most conversions?

ReWriteNLP module drives revenue

Second module of Blueranks reWrite tool use natural language processing to serve dynamic product boxes. In addition to the articles topic, we take into account:

  • Bestsellers
  • Products stock level
  • Product promotions
  • Sesonality
  • CTRs for further improvments


> 38%

increase in non-brand organic traffic Y2Y (March-January 2019/20 vs 2018/19)

> 43%

increase in number of phrases in TOP10 in comparison with March 2019


revenue from organic visits on blog posts (March-January 2019/20 vs 2018/19)

Women’s handbags

  • +42% Organic visits
  • +17% Revenue from organic visits


Why you think your campaign should win?

Our activities prove that a data-driven strategy in very competitive market is transferred directly to the Partner’s revenue and winning the leader position in a given category. Thanks to the analytical approach to the search strategy it was possible to achieve growth (organic traffic and revenue) in the second year in a row. Owing to big data and our tools it was possible to maximize revenue for the client. We squeeze the maximum value from blog content thanks to NLP reWrite tool.

  • Synergy of long-tail phrases, content marketing and seasonal authority building has contributed to the high global revenue from organic traffic (almost 3 000 000 euro in last 11 months).
  • In-depth content analysis and evaluation of blog posts resulted in 71% growth in blog section revenue and 50% growth in assisted conversions
  • NLP reWrite tool delivers higher-quality sessions, +40% avereage conversion rate after product box clicks vs global CR
  • Every 1 EURO spent on Bluerank SEO project resulted in 84 EURO revenue


The project was awarded the prestigious Google Premier Awards.

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