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We’re an expert team of 50 marketing & development professionals with offices located in Split, Croatia. We offer a wide range of marketing services to companies worldwide.

With experience collecting and enriching over 1 billion dollars of ad investment data, our team is passionate about providing brands and agencies with analytics, data & marketing solutions that help them improve their businesses.

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We offer a wide range of MarTech services and solutions to companies worldwide. Founded back in 2007, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with over 200 amazing companies and help them achieve their goals through different digital strategies and customised solutions.

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Digital strategy
Campaign Automation
Tracking implementation
User & Site Analysis
International Search Engine Advertising
Professional Data Services


Not only do we rock our client numbers, but our company also breaks its own limits too. In 2019, we were delighted to be enlisted in the Top 500 fastest-growing tech companies in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. SeekandHit is also the first agency in Croatia to get the Google Partner certificate, and one of the few companies that own Google Premier Partner certificate.

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Mario Frančešević
Andrej Boboš
Ivan Frančešević


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