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Just recently, Google announced the postponement of third-party cookies removal. The new deadline is planned for late 2023. What does it mean for brands and agencies? Do we still need to move forward and take action? Watch Dall experts’ discussion and stay in the loop.

Another Peak Ace on Air episode landed on our blog section. This one, however, is really special. Three of the Dall agencies take up the topic of the cookieless era. Watch the full discussion and discover their perspective, ideas on how to prepare for a new reality as a brand and digital agency.

Below you will find the overview of the whole discussion:

  • Simple and short differentiation between first and third-party cookies.
  • What stands behind the search giant delay?
  • Issue of different countries’ regulations when it comes to e-privacy.
  • E-commerce and B2B clients approach to upcoming changes.
  • Consumer’s perspectives on the cookies consent from a different markets perspective.
  • What is FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), and why it raises concerns?
One thing is sure. Doing nothing and just waiting is not an option. That is why our experts share their ideas and solutions developed in the agencies.
  • Reexamine how you track and analyze data in your campaigns. You will need to find new ways for it.
  • Rethink about the way we identify the user.
  • Contextual advertising in the new cookies.
  • Equip your client with the necessary knowledge about gathering first-party data and their storage.
  • Set up the right KPIs for your campaign (the old ones will probably be changed due to a short cookie lifetime).
  • Technical solutions on how to approach the subject.

Interested in the topic? Watch the full discussion to find out more!

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