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The advertising market is facing a challenge – Google announced the withdrawal of the 3rd party cookies. What does this mean for advertisers? How to be competitive in the world without third-party cookies? Together with Dall and external experts, we have prepared a free report “Era post (third party) cookies”.

In one of our latest articles entitled “5 key Digital Marketing Trends for 2021” we mentioned the subject of third-party cookies elimination. In a nutshell; in 2020 Google announced that within 2 years, will have phased out third-party cookies and thereby will join Firefox and Safari. The step was taken in the interest of users privacy and security. As predicted, Google’s decision reverberated through the whole digital marketing community bringing new challenges on the horizon. This change will impact the whole digital ecosystem from audience profiling and tracking to data collection and reinventing the whole strategy.

All Dall members have been exploring the subject of cookie-less future for some time now. Therefore, when Bluerank took the initiative and proposed to team up with partners from the alliance, the idea came across immediately. The basis for our report was “Era Post Third Party Cookies Bluepaper”. By adding the perspective from countries like Netherlands, Italy, and UK, we have developed and enriched the document. This international coverage of the white paper has resulted in notable expertise from the finest, experienced digital agencies, but also e-commerce players. Our experts from Bluerank, Traffic Builders, Rich Clicks, and Sleeping Giant Media take stock of the situation, explain changes and propose solutions. In the face of significant changes, our White Papers will support and guide you through the untrodden path of the process.

The White Paper has received patronage from E-Commerce Europe!

Download this free White Paper to learn:

  • TCF – Transparency & Consent Framework – how it all started?

  • What exactly is going to change in the Post Third-Party Cookies Era and what the consequences of these changes will be?

  • How to prepare for the upcoming reality in terms of digital strategy?

  • What the introduction of these changes means for e-commerce? 

  • Experts from FIVE brands: Blauer USA, Empik Group, Tradedoubler, Edrone, and Decathlon share their experiences and opinions.

  • How to approach strategy formulation and campaign optimization under the new circumstances

  • Privacy centricity and the challenge for data collection.

  • How to prepare for the upcoming reality in terms of digital strategy?

  • How to remain competitive in the world without third-party cookies?

  • We already have the data and what now? Integration, communication, measurement, effect. How to create and use advanced 1st party segments? (Google Marketing Platform).

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