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Search intent – SEO driven by emotions and needs

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The newest article from Bluerank delves into the topic of organic user intent in SEO. Nowadays, matching your content with users’ search intent is quite a challenge, but it pays off! Unless your page matches what your audience is actually looking for, you are not going to stay ahead of your competitors.

Search intent is the reason why people search for specific things. What problems or needs do they want to resolve? What are they trying to achieve through their search? Without a doubt, a thorough understanding and recognition of users’ intentions help to achieve better relations and smoother communication with our audience.

Continues Google updates of algorithm indicates more and more adequate responding to consumers needs, leads to gain in trust and dwell time. Therefore a valuable content that identifies users’ needs and intentions is crucial.
The Blueranks’ study looks at the latest Google updates, explaining the changes and providing key takeaways for brands and SEO experts.
Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn from the article:

  • User-intent what is it and why it is important
  • Latest Google updates and their impact on search results
  • Different sorts of intentions and needs
  • Why is user intent essential for SEO?
  • What is emotional motivation, and what impact does it have?
  • Trends in content with a view of best SEO results
  • What are micro-moments?

In this paper, Blueranks’ experts underline the importance of creating a tailored content that identifies our audiences’ intentions. Moreover, we are served with some useful examples and cases. By the end of the read, you will know if the change of the strategy pays off and how to align your SEO strategy with user content.

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