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Finally, after a year break, we were able to meet in person! One thing is for sure, online calls can’t replace face-to-face meetings. Therefore, we are glad that we managed to meet in Copenhagen. Here is our summary.

Traditionally all Dall members met twice a year in one of the agencies’ offices. The possibility to meet, share a piece of knowledge, new tools, and solutions is probably one of our biggest assets in Dall. Aside from the educational and practical aspects, reunions have always been a perfect opportunity for integration and hanging out with the people we like and value. Over time it helped us to build trust, which is a crucial element and a bedrock in the business world. It shows that even companies with the same profile can cooperate, respect, and support one another.

In 2020 we managed to meet in Brussels, shortly before the pandemic hit. At that time, none of us knew how much this will last and what impact it will have not only on the industry but the whole world. Just like everyone else, we moved online and so did the next two Dall meetups. Even though online sessions were useful and interesting, it wasn’t quite the same as meeting in person. Finally, we decided that this fall we meet in Copenhagen and come back to our tradition. Although not every agency could be present, it was great to see the rest and sit at the same table after the long break.

What our program looked like?

As always, we dedicate some time to listening to the news and updates from every agency. New challenges, important clients, numbers, and achievements. Moreover, we got a chance to see a thought-provoking presentation from Seekandhit about developing a product from the agency perspective. What are the biggest challenges and best practices to make it work?
Next, Zbigniew Nowicki from Bluerank presented an award-winning case study and gave the hint on how to write a compelling story for industry contests. However, the topic that dominated all discussion was recruitment and talent acquisition. Opening presentation from Peak Ace started a debate on what can be done to make HR processes more effective, as well as, how to make the work environment attractive for the employees. It is worth pointing out that agencies in Dall differ from each other when it comes to the market that they operate in or the company size. That is why our dialogue and brainstorming are so beneficial, due to the different perspectives.

Wolter Tjeenk Willink, Traffic Builders founder and Dall Board member says:

“One of the most valuable benefits of an international network of independent digital marketing agencies is being able to level and discuss with like-minded entrepreneurs from across Europe. Being executives of thought-leading agencies we all work for similar and sometimes even shared customers, focus on the same innovations, and face the exact same challenges. So it brings great value and joy to learn from each other and propel our agencies forward together as one.”

We have also devoted some time to talk about perspectives and plan for Dall in the upcoming months. How we can facilitate knowledge sharing between specialists, how our current, joint projects look like, and most importantly, how can we help our clients to successfully expand abroad. These and other issues were raised while debating on strategy follow-up.

After a long and fruitful day in the office, we headed to a wonderful restaurant to end a day on a high note. The strength of the Dall alliance lies in people! We set great store on integration and relations which makes it work. A big thank you to Web2Media agency for being this year’s host, looking forward to our next Dall meetup!

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