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Dall Alliance 2023 Year in Review

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As we bid farewell to another dynamic year in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Dall Alliance takes pride in summarizing a year marked by exciting projects, challenges, and a commitment to knowledge exchange.

At the forefront of Dall’s initiatives was a dedication to knowledge-sharing, a core value that defines our alliance. Two major gatherings took place in Split and Berlin, where discussions revolved around the central theme of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the digital marketing industry. As always, our meetings provide member agencies a platform to exchange insights, discuss internal tools and technologies, and delve into future trends. Beyond the formal agenda, these meetings were more than just business engagements. They provided a unique space for intriguing conversations that extended beyond the realms of business, strengthening the bonds that make Dall more than just an alliance—it’s a community!

But what about our member agencies’ individual journeys? How was the year for them?

Seek&Hit, our Croatian partner, navigated a year brimming with events, conferences, and awards. Their notable presence at The Martech Summit and B2B conferences in London, DMWF in Amsterdam, and Measure Camp in Bratislava within six weeks showcased their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments. The year 2023 brought them several industry accolades, including the MIXX Awards, The Golden Balance Sheet, and recognition in Deloitte’s Fast 50 CE ranking list.

Our Italian member, Rich Clicks successfully concluded the year with a focus on employee integration and well-being. Their remote agency thrived through team-building trips to Tenerife and London, fostering strong connections that translated into successful project outcomes. With a keen interest in AI and its innovative applications, Rich Clicks stands out as a trailblazer in Milan and London.

Across the Channel in the UK, Sleeping Giant Media continued its tradition of sharing knowledge and expertise through interviews, podcasts, and articles, contributing to the understanding of the latest trends. The year was marked by workshops, event participation, and a commitment to enhancing both client and public awareness.

In Germany, Peak Ace underwent a revolutionary rebranding, unveiling its Digital Strategy & AI Solutions, accompanied by a new website and insightful white papers on AI. You can check them here: Becoming an AI High Performer, The Online Marketer’s AI Playbook, The State of AI.

The year brought over 40 awards, a testament to their dedication to excellence. Moreover, among tons of events, Peak Ace took part in, they hosted 7 of them on their own, including a new one called Digital Marketing Meetups.

In the Netherlands, the Unbound Group is slowly taking shape, combining the forces of our member agency Traffic Builders, and Shoq, Datahive360, and Traffic Builders People. This allowed our partner to offer expertise in all aspects of marketing, including brand development, creatives, digital marketing, data management, and in-housing. Moreover, Traffic Builders has increasingly invested in their team development with a  strong focus on adopting AI. 2024 abounded in monthly knowledge sessions, and trainings, tailored to everyone’s daily work, responsibilities, and interests. Earning accolades such as Global Search Awards, Dutch Awards, and European Media Awards, reflects their work and results.

Bluerank, our Polish partner, experienced significant leadership changes, with Jarosław Miszczak taking the helm. Maciej Galecki, outgoing CEO will be still close to the company, offering his support in the mentoring program. The agency expanded its client portfolio with renowned brands like Verifone and successfully hosted another edition of Blueffect, a partnership conference with Google with over 200 participants on board. This time it was dedicated to the “no cookies era.”

Meanwhile, our Dutch colleagues from Web2Media expanded the client’s portfolio, while accelerating automated processes for them. Similar to the rest of Dall’s agencies, Web2Media keeps its finger on the pulse when it comes to AI, focusing on benefits and improvements for both the agency and its clients. Additionally, in the autumn, our members restarted marketing cooperation with the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Attacat from Scotland decided to channel its potential and commitment into becoming HubSpot User Group Partners and initiating a series of group meetings for users in Scotland. More to come in 2024!

It was a demanding year in the context of changes in Belgian policy. Universem, our partner in Brussels, prioritized development in the past year, setting the stage for future growth.

As we reflect on this successful yet challenging year, Dall Alliance looks forward to intensifying knowledge exchange, fostering collaborative projects, and drawing inspiration from each other in the coming year. The journey continues, and we eagerly await the untold stories and innovations that 2024 holds for our united and forward-thinking alliance.

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