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International Outreach: best practices & major fails

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Have you heard of Peak Ace’s series of live streams called “Peak Ace on Air”? In each episode, Peak Ace specialists and guests share their knowledge about different digital marketing topics. One of our favorites is Episode #21 on international outreach. It’ll show you how to create an outreach strategy based on a strong relationship with your audience, for both domestic and foreign markets.

In this episode, Bastian and Dominique discuss among others the following topics:

  • the best practices for outreach
  • common mistakes to avoid if you want your international content campaigns to be successful
  • examples of outreach emails – what to have and what to avoid
  • differences and similarities in outreach between Germany and the UK
  • pre-outreach – what it is and why it is important

Watch the episode below and get sure to keep your eye on Peak Ace’s youtube channel to be the first to know whenever a new episode is released!

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