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Dall Int. welcomes a new member and extends its reach to the Balkan region

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Our digital family is gradually getting bigger! SeekandHit – a Croatian agency is joining the Dall network. The new member brings know-how and expertise in the fields of analytics, data, and business marketing solutions. What is more, the Balkan markets are now wide open for Dall. Mario Frančešević, the founder at SeekandHit, talks about international expansion and reveals what stood behind the decision to join the alliance.

For those who haven’t heard of SeekandHit, what is the best way to describe your agency?

We’re a team of 50 people — mostly digital marketers, engineers, and data professionals specialized in providing digital marketing services and tech solutions in the advertising industry. That said, in the last 14 years that we operate, we’ve gone through a lot: starting as a blog, providing digital marketing services, and then spinning off our proprietary technology for managing ads into a product into a startup into an acquisition of that startup 🙂 All of that gives us a unique perspective in the advertising industry– being on the front with providing the services, but also knowing all the ins and outs of Google/FB/ platform Ads APIs.

What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?

The future will be even more interesting than the last 14 years, for sure! With COVID speeding up digitalization, we are seeing unprecedented demand for everything related to data, analytics, and advertising. If we manage to combine our services and solutions with
some form of ML or even AI, we think there will be huge progress in the following years for the whole industry, not just us.

Mario Frančešević

What stood behind your decision about joining the Pan European digital alliance?

Our hunger for knowing more and sharing experiences. We think that the only way we can grow is by learning (quickly), and there is no better opportunity than doing that alongside some of the best of the best companies in Europe!

What is important when operating internationally?

A lot of things. The most obvious is language, and also the easiest one. Challenges are much more delicate, like knowing the market trends, customer behavior, cultural specifics, and all other details that are learned with time (and sometimes money). Every market has its

With COVID speeding up digitalization, we are seeing unprecedented demand for everything related to data, analytics, and advertising

What do you think you are bringing into the Dall family?

With our experience and set of skills, we think we can provide a unique perspective on several fronts that could help other members to improve their businesses, processes, or even client satisfaction with reaching new/our markets.

Head over to our Family section to learn more about our new member:

Looking for digital support on the European markets, contact us!

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