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3 reasons to use Google Search Console

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Goole Search Console, next to Google Analytics is an indispensable solution for optimizing and monitoring your website. Regardless of common opinion, it gives a wide range of features not only for SEO activities.

Google’s tool does not need a further introduction for all SEO and web developer specialists. The appliance allows you to increase the effectiveness and visibility of your website in the search engine. What is more, it enables you to collect a lot of useful information and data about your website. This is why it is so favored among the above-mentioned specialists. Does it mean that it is not useful for other digital marketers?

Corentine Donneaux Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at Universem proves that Google Search Console is not limited to SEO and web developers only. Following handy examples, find out which features will support your everyday work. Click on the link below and check out how you can benefit from this free solution.

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