linkedin ads targeting

Linkedin Ads Targeting

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LinkedIn is mostly associated with a social network where we can present our professional experience, build a network of contacts or find a new job. It is also a perfect advertising platform. You can target your audience in many ways. There are around 200 characteristics accessible! Therefore, it’s easy to be lost in the maze of so many options.

Amongst the Dall agencies, we have an undisputed king of the video content. It is our UK member – Sleeping Giant Media, no doubt. If you haven’t visited their YouTube Channel yet, you missed a lot. A new video every week called Giant Wednesday provides a ton of valuable tips, guidelines, and recommendations. We decided to share some of the best episodes on our Dall’s platform, but we recommend tune into their channel and explore more.

In the recent episodes, Yumna Kurman – senior social media executive at Sleeping Giant Media talks about LinkedIns’ ads targeting options.

Types of LinkedIn targeting touched in the video:

  • Interests & TraitsDemographics & location
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Company (B2B, B2C)

Watch a full episode and find out how to precisely reach the right audience for you.

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