Traffic Builders & Eneco success story

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How to gain more valuable prospects and lower CPA at the same time? Let the answer be a case of Eneco & Traffic Builders in collaboration with Google Ads!

Eneco and Traffic Builders have been working closely with Google for years to further optimize the campaigns. Where previously successes were achieved with untapped long-tail search intentions and local campaigns, in 2021 the challenge lies in reaching (more) valuable customers. A successful test with a dROAS bidding strategy offers a solution. Learn more about the case in partnership with Google Ads.

About Eneco

Sustainable energy for everyone has been the mission of the energy company since 2007. Because: according to Eneco, the energy transition belongs to all of us. The mission stems from the belief that the earth must be passed on to future generations in a liveable manner. Living within the natural boundaries of the planet is what Eneco believes in. The energy company has the ambition to be climate neutral by 2035. Not only in their own activities but also in the energy they supply to customers. With this, they want to move faster than the scientifically substantiated 1.5°C path prescribes.

“What we changed within Google Ads is very minor, but has a huge impact on performance. All this technology is available, you just need to give it the right inputs and direction, and then it starts to work for you.” — Robert Verbeek, Senior Online Media Specialist, Eneco

“We understand the opportunities within the Eneco account, so we had a good idea the tROAS the bidding strategy would provide successful new ways to reach their customers and target audience more efficiently.” —Elzemiek Rietman, Search Engine Consultant, Traffic Builders


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