Social Media Advertising in 2022 – Key Trends & Developments

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As 2021 came to an end we are now even more interested to see what 2022 brings!

What major changes await the social landscape?
What are the promising trends within social media advertising in 2022?

We are one month into 2022 and we can already see some of those trends and developments occur.
So what should we expect?

The article includes:

  • the cookieless landscape, something that Facebook already had to deal with in 2021 with the iOS14 update. In 2022, more than 80% of known data will disappear,
  • short-form audio, in 2021 no less than 44% of the Dutch listened to a podcast, whereas in 2019 this was only 28 %,
  • short videos, especially on TikTok, but the trend is also coming to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram,
  • DIY augmented reality, that supposedly is the next big thing,
  • and even more social shopping opportunities. 


Our partner agency Traffic Builders takes you into the social media trends of 2022, gives you a look back at the year 2021, and sends you into the new year with useful tips!

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