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Facebook campaigns might be destroying your digital marketing mix

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Have you ever wondered what effect your Facebook campaigns might have on your marketing mix? Knowing the answer might help you to increase both traffic and revenue. Thankfully, RichClicks prepared an article that explains the topic!

Most brands and marketers are well aware of the power of social media. Besides being a communication platform that connects you with your clients, social media provides numerous advertising opportunities. You can reach wide audiences, build a loyal customer base and brand awareness, as well as benefit from precise targeting options. Unfortunately, brands often completely overlook those opportunities or make social media only a small part of their digital strategies.

In this article, Sara Fico, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, discusses how and why “Facebook campaigns might be destroying your digital marketing mix”. She uses the case of one of RichClicks’s clients Operating in the fashion industry to illustrate how problems with the early delivery of Facebook Ads can negatively affect traffic across all channels. Read the case to learn more about the significance of social channels!

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