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CASE – Universem

“One-to-one” communication: key driver of growth for the space optimisation expert

As with its products, Camber has settled for “customised” communications.

The family-sized structure is built around an omnichannel strategy, combining data use and homogeneous messages. Outcome: Efficient and seamlessly-driven campaigns.

“Camber operate on a fastchanging niche market”

The furnishings market has undergone sweeping changes in recent years and the company has had to adjust to the market, says Aurélie Nickmans, Communications and Marketing Officer: “The arrival of new players has compelled us to rethink how we communicate. We have definitely had to focus on the quality of our goods and services to differentiate Camber from some giants in the sector.”

This has been an uphill task considering that the public is not always well-informed about the nature of the various products: “thickness of a few millimetres makes all the difference”. Bearing in mind that Camber has firmly positioned itself as a premium service provider, Camille Peckstadt, Brand Manager, reminds us that “this positioning is visible in the quality of our products and services. We make cupboards that are customised, not modular components that look customised. We have interior advisers and architects who help our customers make decisions. At Camber, passion runs through the core of our business!” A knowhow that the company was keen to showcase through its campaigns. The fantastic duet therefore revved up their engines to fulfil the group’s mission, namely: deliver tranquility through tidy storage!

“Camber wad looking for a human-sized, pragmatic and performance-driven agency”.

For our duet, the key to success clearly was to be found in homogeneous 360° communications. At Camber, customer experience lies at the heart of all decisions. The very high level of product customisation makes each project unique. Nothing can be left to chance!

That is why Camber decided to enlist the services of Universem. First and foremost, what Camber needed was proper support: “We felt it was paramount for us to have a reliable partner in our project. Our strategy needed to be grounded in facts. ”

“With Universum’s team, we analysed exiting KPIs and fine-tuned them to measure the concrete.”

Performance of each of our tactics
Tactics which Universem’s consultants wanted to be simple, efficient but above all, fully aligned to Camber’s vision. They scanned the habits of Camber’s customers and crafted a concrete plan tailored to the needs and expectations of these customers. Each building block of the plan was designed to address the various steps in the buying process. This produced ultracustomised campaigns with very clear “touchpoints” dealing with micro-conversion goals.

But for all this, what seems to stand out from our duet is the availability of our teams and their willingness to share: “We saw in Universem a genuine desire to help Camber grow. Nothing was hidden or hinted. Each of the experts played their role, using their expertise for our benefit”, says Aurélie.

The results of this combined action was immediate. Here are some figures of Camber’s project:

▪ Sharp increase of the conversion rate: +125 %

▪ Growth of roughly 60 % in requests for quotations

▪ Increase of more than 15 % in traffic from natural referrals.